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Online Casino Bonuses 101

Online Casino Bonuses

Online casino bonuses are deals provided at sites which offer players the ability to earn free credits and cash. The bonus offers are made to attract new players. However, there also are promotions and bonuses that are available to players who are registered already at the site. With these bonuses, players may have extra funds in their account which they can use to place bets on the games which are supported. The casino bonuses can’t be cashed out, though players are going to discover they are able to generate some incredible cash winnings.

Using casino bonuses is quite simple, and players at some new online casino are going to benefit from some amazing deals. Let’s learn more about these incredible bonuses.

1. Casino

You may find this funny. But the most significant aspect in bonuses is, yes, the casino which offers it. Ask if it’s a well established and reputable casino or it was just launched only last night. Definitely, you do not want join one having no reputation or worse, has a reputation of scamming players.

2. Wagering Requirements

There are requirements which show the real value of a casino bonus. There is no use of a big bonus that offers insignificant value with unrealistic terms thrown in the bargain. Instead of pegging your choice on size, do it based upon these requirements. Casinos, most of the time, are going to ask you to roll the bonus over many times before it may be cashed out. You should be cautious when reading these requirements, since some casinos will try making their requirements appear better through adding the point that you must bet many times of your deposit plus bonus amount, as opposed to just one of them.  Here is a quick guide to bonus requirements.

3. Games Allowed

Today majority of casinos provide bonuses only for slots. That is partially true, although still there are a handful of game-specific casino bonuses. The common welcome bonuses offered will normally allow also players to bet through most games. However, wagers are going to only partially count. For instance, wagers made at blackjack is only going to count as 5 percent of the total amount wagered towards satisfying any requirements that a bonus may have.


Size matters too when it comes to casino bonus. You are going to potentially make more money with a larger claimed bonus. Nowadays majority of casinos offer bonuses ranging between $200 and $2000. When you are a high roller, you are going to find larger ones, though they also need you to play high stakes.

5. Time

Although majority of casinos are friendly concerning time provided for clearing a bonus, you may find some which are going to give you only a week, or a similar time frame. Ensure you find the amount of time provided for the bonus you are about to claim.


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Top 4 Online Casino Payout Rates

Online Casino Payout Rates

How deep is your love for online casinos? By being virtual in nature, there is no denying the fact that they come with the benefits of convenience. However, that is not all as there are those that really go out of their way to appreciate their players by ensuring they offer the best payout rates. This article discusses some of these.


The name already gives so much away. Partycasion is the casino arm of the company famed for partpoker website, the website which once ruled the internet in terms of poker plays. In addition to that, the casino offers a huge games library, not to mention the website meticulously designed with the user in mind. Perhaps its real claim to fame is the fact that it offers a 96.50% payout rate.

Casumo Casino

The Casumo casino makes it to the list of top online casinos and for the right reasons. First, the casino has fully embraced the concept of gamification and just to explain it a little for newbies, this concept involves applying the various elements of game playing such as fair play, fair competition and point scoring. Casumo tries to advance this concept as it excels in implementing it. However, the real thing that makes this casino stand out is its impressive payout rate of 97%.

Mr Green

Mr. Green is your online version of green pastures as far as casinos are concerned. The casino has won many accolades including its recent impressive run at the Gaming Intelligence Awards where it was named the ’Casino Operator of the Year’ for three years in a row, starting from 2013. What could make a casino receive such kind of recognition? Its generosity and with a payout rate of 97.38, it is clear to see why.

Thrills Casino

Thrill is what you are desperately looking for in an online casino and thrill is the very thing that Thrills Casino offers. To put it simply, your gaming experience will be something to remember, thanks to the awards it offers to the players with 16 different software available to make your experience even better. The casino offers a payout rate of 97.5, the very best of its kind for a casino that’s pretty new in the industry.


NetBet makes it on top of our list of the world’s online casinos with the best payout rates. Their experience in the industry spanning 15 years is not something to scoff at either. They have excellent offers aimed to ensure they hold onto their customers and acquire new ones and one such offer is their unparalleled payout rate of 98% – talk of real money and this casino knows how to put it in perspective.

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